I've Discovered The Cheapest Vehicles Available, Pound-For-Pound

If your overall goal in buying a vehicle is the best possible value, boy do I have news for you. Recently, I've been shopping for an RV, and in that process I've discovered that, pound for pound, they've got to be the cheapest vehicles money can buy. » 7/21/14 9:20pm Yesterday 9:20pm

This Is How You Take The Rolls-Royce Merlin V12 Out Of A Spitfire

Goodwood is home to the Boultbee Flight Academy, the only place where you can learn how to fly a Supermarine Spitfire. There are only about fifty airworthy ones left, and Goodwood hosts two of them. And they need to work on them. » 7/21/14 6:18pm Yesterday 6:18pm

Is Ram Bringing The Dakota Small Pickup Truck Back, On A Fiat Platform?

At least one awkwardly-lifted and heavily camo'ed Fiat Strada has been spotted testing in Michigan, with what looks like the shape of a Ram grille blocked out on the face. Could a new Dakota be the next utilization of Chrysler's "relationship" with Fiat? » 7/21/14 5:57pm Yesterday 5:57pm

This Dude Is Riding On The Hood Of This Car And I Have No Idea Why

There are so many questions unanswered in this video from Russia (where else). Why is he clinging for dear life to the hood of that car? Does the driver know he's there? Why doesn't the driver slow down? Why does the driver ram the car that's filming at the end? » 7/21/14 5:09pm Yesterday 5:09pm

10 Reasons The E60 535i Is Better Than The M5

In recent years BMW has somewhat muddied the water with respect to M cars. First they started making their standard cars available with option packages that made them appear nearly identical to their M equivalent. Then they started releasing M cars that bear the M badge but aren't M cars like the M235 but by and… » 7/21/14 4:04pm Yesterday 4:04pm

Los Angeles Is The Best Car City In America

Let me be up front with you: this is a love letter. It's a mash note to a city that's become my home more than any other city ever has, for many reasons. We talk about cars here, and that's just fine, because there is no American city with a carscape as lush, rich, and varied as Los Angeles. » 7/21/14 3:43pm Yesterday 3:43pm

Reporter Fired After Criticizing Dealer Ad, But No One Wins

Ken Hart was a 25-year newspaper reporter for Kentucky's Ashland Daily Independent, until a few weeks ago. He was fired, because he criticized a local dealership ad on his personal Facebook page. And the weirdest part is that the dealership didn't even want him gone. » 7/21/14 3:29pm Yesterday 3:29pm

This Subaru Ad Is How We Fantasize About Driving An STI

I can't stand those commercials that have some lame-ass economy car drifting in a parking lot or something (looking at you Nissan). Those ads do nothing for me as a buyer, but this Subaru commercial from Spain makes me want to buy a new WRX STI...like right now! » 7/21/14 3:08pm Yesterday 3:08pm

The Best Car-Camping Cars

Camping doesn't have to be a grueling endeavor deep into the hinterland. Sometimes you just want to rent a plot, pull your car up between a couple trees, set up a mosquito canopy, and crack a beer. » 7/21/14 2:30pm Yesterday 2:30pm

Look at These Mesmerizing Porsche-Inspired Cinemagraphs

Since Dr. Ferry Porsche rolled the very first 356 prototype out of a garage in Gmünd, Austria, in 1948, every vehicle to bear his family name has been meticulously engineered to give its driver a visceral experience. From classic two-seat sports cars to hybrid supercars, no other manufacturer has so successfully… » 7/15/14 11:59am 7/15/14 11:59am