Subaru's 600 HP Isle Of Man STi: Inside One Of The Fastest Sedans On Earth

Subaru’s factory-backed driver and madman Mark Higgins broke the Isle of Man record this year for four-wheeled vehicles not once but twice in one week. The lovely folks over at Subaru had me out to the Isle of Man to take a close look at the car. I can tell you they didn’t just build a car—they built a weapon.


Enjoy the Outdoors This Holiday Weekend With Amazon's Wenzel Tent Sale

Today only, Amazon’s offering great discounts on a selection of Wenzel tents, ranging from $45 for a basic 3-person model to $120 for a cabin-like 8-person option, complete with a screened porch, natch. Be sure to head over to Amazon to see all of the options, and remember that these prices are only available today,…

Pro Mountain Biker Thrashes a Cheap Walmart Bike on a Brutal Trail

Just because this Huffy Carnage is sold by Walmart as a mountain bike doesn’t necessarily mean it can handle a legit downhill mountain run, as Phil Kmetz discovered after spending $180 on one. Halfway through his ride the bike’s brake pads were almost completely gone, and after the first jump its handlebars broke and…

I'll Tell You What You Need: You Need This Manual V12-Swapped BMW E34 M5

Studies reveal that millions of Americans every month waste time at work on Jalopnik. So where do Jalopnik writers waste their time at work? Bring A Trailer, of course. And when I took a break to ogle this gorgeous 2002 BMW M5, ex-Jalop supremo Matt Hardigree showed me how I can do one better: a Euro-spec 1993 BMW M5…