Audi Is Offering Volkswagen's Shitty Goodwill Program To A3 TDI Drivers Only

Volkswagen Group is currently doing everything it can to find the cheapest way out of this dieselgate scandal, first offering $1000 in gift cards to owners of non-compliant TDI Volkswagen models, and now expanding that program over to owners of Audi A3 2.0 liter diesel models. »Yesterday 9:00pm11/24/15 9:00pm

Step Up Your Dash Cam Game With This Deal

We love a cheap dash cam around here, but here’s something for those of you who are serious about never missing out on an opportunity to go viral. This Garmin is down to its lowest price ever today. Pair it with a discounted memory card. [Garmin Dash Cam 20, $150] »Yesterday 8:45pm11/24/15 8:45pm

The Absolutely Insane $700 Billion Idea to Fix LA Traffic? Tunnels!

A few weeks ago LA unveiled a sweeping new transportation vision for the city that will swap car-centric planning with more transit, biking, and walking. But a different plan says getting people out of their cars is not the solution. What we really need, are more places for those cars to go. UNDERGROUND. »Yesterday 8:30pm11/24/15 8:30pm

Russia Loses Attack Jet And Helicopter In Syria In One Day: Here's What We Know


Hours after a Russian Su-24 fighter jet was shot down by a Turkish F-16 over Syria after Turkey claimed the jet invaded its airspace, killing two pilots, tensions remain high between both nations as the U.S. and France urged caution and de-escalation. In addition, a Russian soldier was apparently killed today by Free… »Yesterday 6:57pm11/24/15 6:57pm

The Best Black Friday Deals Available Right Now

You’ve reached our hub for all the best Black Friday deals! As you’ve probably already figured out, “Black Friday” is a bit of a misnomer; many of the best deals are available up to a week in advance. Luckily for you, we’ll be adding them all here as they go live, so you can focus on stuffing your face and trying not… »Yesterday 6:25pm11/24/15 6:25pm

What's The Most Frustrating Car You've Ever Worked On? 

Turning a wrench on a car you own can be one of the most rewarding experiences you’ve ever had, but in some instances it can be downright torturous. Whether it’s stripped head studs, brittle vacuum lines, or horrible placement of components, what’s the most frustrating car you’ve ever worked on? »Yesterday 6:04pm11/24/15 6:04pm

Here's Some Of The Worst Monster Truck Names Ever

Just like it says in the Constitution, monster truck ownership is a privilege, not a right. That means there’s a certain obligation on the monster truck owner to hold up their end of the deal, and one crucial part of that responsibility is to give your monster truck a bitchin’ name. Here’s five that failed to do just… »Yesterday 3:53pm11/24/15 3:53pm

What Happened To Fiat's New Charlie Sheen Commercial?

Sometime in early to mid-September, Fiat filmed an ad with Charlie Sheen for the new 2017 Fiat 124 roadster. About a month later, the automaker started showing the ad to groups of dealers and Fiat boosters. On November 17th, Charlie Sheen went on the Today show to admit he was HIV positive, and had paid more than $10… »Yesterday 3:03pm11/24/15 3:03pm