Let Us Rejoice: SkyMall Is Back

Hearts were broken last January, when SkyMall, the provider for fun and frivolous consumption, filed for bankruptcy due to not being able to keep up with the constantly changing retail industry. The decline in sales was also blamed on the use of electronic devices on flights. Passengers were paying more attention to… » 5/29/15 10:58am 15 minutes ago

Is This Crazy Tata Nano Rollover Crash Totally Fake?

The Tato Nano is the world’s cheapest car, and this newly-circulation video of the car rolling and crashing at ridiculously low speed seems to suggest it’s the world’s most dangerous car as well. But something’s not right here. » 5/29/15 10:35am 38 minutes ago

BMW Reportedly Making A 2-Series Gran Coupe As That's What BMW Does Now

In a move that should surprise no one, BMW reportedly is building a “Gran Coupe” version of the 2-series. For those of you not familiar with BMW’s ridiculous naming scheme, when they add “Gran” in front of “Coupe,” it means two extra doors. This might be their best idea yet. » 5/29/15 10:02am Today 10:02am

You Will Definitely Fail Your Japanese Driving Test

If you’re from a country without a reciprocal agreement with the Japanese government (Americans, I’m mostly talking to you), you will have to take a driving test when you go to convert your “foreign” license to a Japanese one. Make no mistake, you will fail the first time, and possibly repeatedly. Here’s why. » 5/29/15 5:00am Today 5:00am

Google’s Latest Android Feature Can’t Come To Cars Soon Enough

It’s an all-too-common scenario. You’re driving and get a text from a friend. They say you should meet at [insert bar/restaurant/S&M club here]. If you’re a responsible adult you pull over, open the maps app, search for the location, tap it, select navigate, and then get back on the road. But what if all that could be… » 5/28/15 8:45pm Yesterday 8:45pm

You Can Bid On This Rusty P-51 Mustang For The Price Of A Ford Mustang

That’s right, you can go and bid on this intact 1944 P-51D Mustang that has not flown since the 1970s for same price as an entry level base Ford Mustang! This oxidized example of North American’s legendary WWII fighter has been untouched for over ten years but has been stored out of a elements in a hangar. » 5/28/15 7:33pm Yesterday 7:33pm

Judge Upholds Protective Order Against Kurt Busch

In March, NASCAR driver Kurt Busch’s legal team asked a family court judge in Delaware to review the protective order granted against Busch to ex-girlfriend Patricia Driscoll. Today, Judge William Walls issued his decision to uphold that protective order, which will remain in effect until Feb. 16, 2016.
» 5/28/15 6:08pm Yesterday 6:08pm

Driving HPA's Hellcat-destroying 740hp Golf R

Remember when the Golf used to be called the Rabbit? Well, meet the Killer VW Rabbit of Caerbannog: twin-turbo, all-wheel-drive, 740hp, rip-your-head-clean-off insanity in the body of a 6th gen Golf. Run away! Run away! Somebody fetch me the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch! » 5/28/15 5:36pm Yesterday 5:36pm