How Greece Could Kill Your Chance To Own A Ridiculous Car

Greek’s prime minister Alexis Tsipras said that yesterday’s referendum vote “doesn’t have winners or losers.” That’s not true. There’s a very plausible scenario in which that the long term effect of that one “no” vote ends up meaning there’s no 400 hp crazy Czech hatchback for you to buy. » 7/06/15 3:15pm Today 3:15pm

Here Are Ten Of The Best American Cars On eBay For Less Than $10,000

Isn’t it wonderful that the country that brought you the Interstate highway network is also the same country that brought the best cruising and highway-eating cars in history? That’s why last week I asked you patriotic lot to find the best cars on eBay that represent the stars and stripes for less than a $10k budget.… » 7/06/15 2:49pm Today 2:49pm

Is Chevron's Cyclopian Motorcycle Creepy?

Yesterday, our own Patrick George texted me a picture of an Chevron ad he saw featuring Chevron’s anthropomorphic cars and now, a motorcycle, with the same basic treatment. But just one-eyed. Clyclopean. Patrick — jail-hardened Patrick — was frightened, confused, and maybe a little aroused. Was he right to be so? I’m… » 7/06/15 2:23pm Today 2:23pm

The Viper-Powered Bristol Fighter Is A Super Rare British Gullwing

It’s one thing that I found this blue Bristol Fighter in the parking lot of the Festival of Speed, but XCAR’s Alex Goy went so far as driving it around in the British countryside! Prepare yourself for some of the classiest gullwing action you’ll ever see. » 7/06/15 1:59pm Today 1:59pm

Today's Best Deals: Backup Power, Belkin WeMo, Flash Storage, and More

Here are the best of today’s deals. Get every great deal every day on Kinja Deals, follow us on Facebook and Twitter to never miss a deal, join us on Kinja Gear to read about great products, and on Kinja Co-Op to help us find the best. » 7/06/15 1:15pm Today 1:15pm

How The Nurburgring's Mythical Rise Has Led To An Uncertain Future

The Nurburgring has been a legend in motorsports and the auto industry since its inception. Everyone has heard of it, and today it’s still one of the most revered motorsports destinations in the world. But somehow it faces a future clouded with financial and safety hurdles. How did this happen? » 7/06/15 12:44pm Today 12:44pm

This Helicopter 'Bambi Bucket' Demo In The Alps Is Gorgeous

This breathtaking video showing one of the Chamonix Mont-Blanc Helicopters AS350 Écureuils hauling a Bambi Bucket through the French Alps will make you want to go take your first helicopter flying lesson. This little video has it all, an awesome perspective, gorgeous terrain and some heart pumping moves by the pilot. » 7/06/15 12:27pm Today 12:27pm

A Fast Ride In A 1,360HP Koenigsegg One:1 Changes Your Concept Of Speed

What’s the best way to get your neck muscles in shape? Jump inside one of the six Koenigsegg One:1s with factory test driver Robert Serwanski at the wheel. That will count as exercise, and possibly stimulate colon health too, as it may evacuate your bowels faster than downing six gallons of Metamucil. » 7/06/15 11:50am Today 11:50am