Your Ten Best (And Craziest) Ideas For My Jetta Giveaway

A few weeks ago, I decided to give back to my readers by announcing that I’d be giving away a 2001 Volkswagen Jetta VR6 to the starry-eyed dreamer that gave me their best and most insane project ideas for the car. It was tough, but I’ve finally managed to narrow it down to 10 finalists. Your butts—hold on to ‘em.


BMW E36 V8 Swap: The Final (ECU) Solution -or- “Das Megaspritzen"

The E36 M3: A masterpiece of engineering that could only have been created by the kind of mind able to focus on a singular purpose to the exclusion of all other consequences. Unfortunately, the example that I found had suffered unfathomable, intentional abuse at the hands of a ruthless tyrant that brought the engine…


Marc Marquez Takes Off With Some Guy’s Scooter After MotoGP Wipeout

Qualifying is all about speed. In racing, that speed sometimes includes just how fast you can get back to the garage and fetch a backup vehicle. That’s why, when MotoGP World Championship rider Marc Marquez went down in Q2 at the Dutch Grand Prix, he saw a scooter with a key in it and took off toward his garage stall.

IndyCar Driver Returns Just Two Weeks After Fracturing His Hand And Collarbone

Despite a massive crash that left him with fractures in both his collarbone and hand, Verizon IndyCar Series driver Josef Newgarden isn’t going to sit out—a mere two weeks after the wreck, Newgarden is back in the car at Road America. Not surprisingly, he said he “feel[s] the pain in the hands everywhere.”