Here's Your Go-To Graphic To Understand The USMC's Aircraft Inventory

If you want to quantify the fleet size and squadron structure of nearly every type of Marine Corps aircraft in service, this graphic is your awesome go-to guide.
» 5/26/15 10:00pm Yesterday 10:00pm

Fox & Friends Hosts Attempt To Change Tire, Step On Own Genitals

The hosts of the Fox morning show that’s named like it should heavily involve puppets, Fox & Friends, aren’t exactly the sort of people that instill any sense of, oh, competence. They tend to have more of a gleeful bedshitter quality about them. So when two of them tried to change a tire, the results were predictably… » 5/26/15 9:20pm Yesterday 9:20pm

F-35B Passes Shipboard Night Flying Phase During Operational Trials

A half dozen F-35Bs are deployed aboard the USS Wasp for Operational Test phase one of shipboard F-35 trials and the first order of business was to test the F-35B and its pilots ability to operate from a Gator Navy flattop in the dark of night.
» 5/26/15 8:23pm Yesterday 8:23pm

Check Out These Sweet Maritime Warfare Shots From Exercise Eager Lion  

Eager Lion 2015 was truly a land, air and sea exercise, with the maritime component working out of Jordan’s Red Sea port of Aqaba. The exercise culminated last week in a large-scale assault demo that included units from Belgium, France, Jordan, Pakistan and the United States taking down a large ferry in spectacular… » 5/26/15 7:20pm Yesterday 7:20pm

Spotted In Rome: The Curious Quadracycles Of Italy

Recently, I was in Italy to take part in the Mille Miglia, and, of course, I was surrounded by some of the most amazing cars I’d ever seen. That’s why it was so important for me to get out and cleanse my palate with some really awful shitboxes, and, thankfully, Rome did not disappoint. » 5/26/15 6:40pm Yesterday 6:40pm

Cyclists' Squirt-Gun Attack On PedalPub Cops Results In Six Arrests

The Minneapolis version of a biker brawl involved some cyclists, three PedalPubs, squirt guns, and water balloons, but the results were, in their way, nearly as disquieting as the Waco incident—the thin veneer of society cracked like a cranium under a billy club. It seems Minnesota nice ends when you hoist your… » 5/26/15 5:18pm Yesterday 5:18pm

2016 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 Starts At $47,870

A Ford dealer apparently just emailed the full pricing list on the 2016 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 and GT350R to fine folks at, which Ford has confirmed to us as accurate. The meanest Mustang yet is even cheaper than we thought it’d be – and the GT350R will only be a bit more than that. » 5/26/15 4:35pm Yesterday 4:35pm

Rally Portugal Safety Car Catches Fire On Stage, Left To Burn

The 00 car at a rally has an important function: run the course before the competitors to inspect everything from signage and bannering to whether or not spectators are in the right locations. That is, unless it’s on fire. Then it doesn’t do a very good job of checking anything. » 5/26/15 3:56pm Yesterday 3:56pm

The Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Is A Great Cruiser But Barely A Fuel Miser 

Lots of things about cars get me excited to wake up and spend another day on this slowly rotating rock. Outbraking somebody into a corner, for example. Loud, raucous motors revving to 7,000 RPM and beyond. Screeching, wailing tires pulling 1.3 Gs as they bend the laws of physics around a punishingly fast sweeper.… » 5/26/15 3:30pm Yesterday 3:30pm

Why Does The Alitalia Lancia Stratos Wear The Perfect Race Car Livery?

Every motorsport fan has a favorite driver, a favorite team and a favorite car, but how many can mention a favorite racing car livery, so easily? Fortunately, I can think of many—and that’s why, in my regular series, we’ll be bringing you a collection of outstanding examples of motor racing liveries, both well-known… » 5/26/15 3:18pm Yesterday 3:18pm

Here’s Why You Should Never Buy A Ferrari F355

There’s an old saying that compares exotic cars to beautiful women. Sometimes you can’t resist enjoying her beautiful, sensual curves, the saying goes. Sometimes, you’re stuck on the side of the road because the engine has exploded into a thousand pieces no larger than the human eyeball. » 5/26/15 3:05pm Yesterday 3:05pm

Sorry, Hot Wheels, We Prefer These Wacky Star Wars Die-cast Cars

When Hot Wheels started making die-cast toy cars inspired by everyone’s favorite Star Wars characters, it seemed like a match made in heaven—or in a galaxy far, far away. But now that Tomica has revealed its own line of Star Wars-themed die-cast cars, we have to admit we actually prefer these wackier designs,… » 5/26/15 2:35pm Yesterday 2:35pm

Here Are Ten Of The Best Midsize Sedans For Less Than $30,000

Last week I issued a challenge to all within earshot: find the best midsize sedans on the used car market known as eBay Motors for under a $30,000 budget. That sort of money gets you near-supercar levels of performance, practicality, and looks, which begs the question: Why would any rational human ever buy new when… » 5/26/15 1:59pm Yesterday 1:59pm

Mercedes Apologizes To Lewis Hamilton; Says There's No Team Favoritism

When Autosport asked “What the hell happened there?” in regards to Lewis Hamilton’s pit stop snafu at Monaco, Mercedes Formula One team boss Toto Wolff shed some light on what makes timing at Monaco more difficult to calculate than it is at other tracks. Now we know more on how that call was botched.
» 5/26/15 1:40pm Yesterday 1:40pm

Grab This Classy Leather Key Organizer For Over 35% Off

Who said your keyring can’t be stylish too? The OrbitKey is the classiest way to keep all your keys organized. It features a genuine cowhide leather strap that fits up to 7 standard keys, plus a built in stainless steel bottle opener. Right now, Jalopnik readers can save over 35% with code ORBITKEY5. » 5/22/15 1:19am Friday 1:19am