A new report from indicates that Yamaha’s surprise Tokyo Motor Show concept, the Sports

A new report from indicates that Yamaha’s surprise Tokyo Motor Show concept, the Sports Ride Coupe designed by Gordon Murray, may actually make it to production (for under $70k) in its under-construction European manufacturing plant alongside the company’s upcoming Motiv city car. »Today 8:47pm11/30/15 8:47pm

These Aussie Hornets Pull Away From This Prop Plane Like It Was Sitting Still

Red Bull air racer Matt Hall apparently had some company while cruising high in one of his acrobatic planes (MXS-R or Extra 300). It came in the form of a pair of Royal Australian Air Force F/A-18 Hornets. After flying off his wing for a bit they moved on a in a spectacular fashion. »Today 8:15pm11/30/15 8:15pm

Why Do Braided Fuel Lines Suck So Much? Am I Missing Something?

Recently, I was driving in my Beetle and noticed two things: it was running a bit rougher than it should and it was dumping a little more gas on the ground than I’m generally comfortable with. Personally, I like to keep the level of gasoline drooling out of my car to somewhere between none and… »Today 5:15pm11/30/15 5:15pm

Russian Su-34 Fullbacks Fly First Syria Sorties Loaded With Air-To-Air Missiles 

Russia has publicized its first Syrian air campaign missions with their Su-34 Fullback fighter-bombers loaded with air-to-air missiles. This move is in direct response to Turkey shooting down its Su-24 Fencer attack jet along the Turkish-Syrian border a week ago.
»Today 4:21pm11/30/15 4:21pm

7 Reasons Why Drone Delivery Service Won't Work (Yet)

America woke up from its turkey hangover just in time to see Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson explain a new prototype for Amazon’s fabled Prime Air drone delivery service. The garish, package-pooping aircraft looks futuristic, but it’s probably not going to bring you new shoes anytime soon. It can’t. »Today 3:44pm11/30/15 3:44pm

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Coin-Op Car Wash

Cleaning your car is cathartic. Just imagine the zen-like experience of scrubbing all your troubles away and power-washing them down a drain. All of life’s filth just washes off your whip’s sheetmetal, leaving it fresh and sparkling and pure. But if you don’t have your own hose, you’ve got to pay for this pleasure!… »Today 3:21pm11/30/15 3:21pm