Watch All The Crazy Furious 7 Stunts From Behind The Scenes

So, Do You Care About The Chevy Malibu Now?

Let’s be honest: he Chevy Malibu hasn’t been particularly interesting since that glowing one with the alien in it flew off into the sky. I found the last one I drove to be breathtakingly average. But now it’s gotten a pretty striking re-design! Is that enough to make you give a shit? » 4/01/15 9:35pm Today 9:35pm

Watch A Naked Aussie Rub His Butt And Junk All Over A Speed Camera Van

If you’re one of our Australian readers, chances are you’re not feeling too safe, because you know a criminal is on the loose. A man, still at large, wanted for the chilling crime of waving his li’l Ned Kelly at a van-based speed camera, and then rubbing his junk and ass all over the van. Well, I guess if you’re a… » 4/01/15 9:05pm Today 9:05pm

Hyundai Is Making Interesting Concepts: A Slick Little Hatchback SUV

I’ve been more impressed with Hyundai’s ideas since we saw their small-truck Santa Cruz concept at the Detroit Auto Show. Now, they’ve just shown an interesting concept at the Seoul Auto Show, called the Enduro. It’s a little hatchback on big tires, sort of like a super-sleek Lada Niva from the future, which I’m sure… » 4/01/15 8:35pm Today 8:35pm

2016 Chevrolet Spark: This Is It

We're getting Karl! Well, kinda Karl. The new Chevy Spark is based on its Opel sibling, and that means a new chassis and a new engine, plus scads of standard tech. It also comes in a color: Toasted Marshmallow. Yum. » 4/01/15 8:06pm Today 8:06pm

Indianapolis Motor Speedway, IndyCar Speak Out On Religious Freedom Law

Indiana passed a law that allows businesses to refuse service based on religious convictions, prompting boycotts of the state's goods and other backlash. Problem is, Indianapolis is one of the motorsport capitals of the world. IndyCar and NASCAR both just said that they want no part of this new "freedom" to… » 4/01/15 7:35pm Today 7:35pm

Now You Can Buy A BMW i3 On Amazon In Japan

Amazon has its hands in everything, and now it's getting into the car shopping business in partnership with BMW, selling the i3 EV in Japan. » 4/01/15 7:05pm Today 7:05pm

Watch Guy Martin Chase Down A BMW At 200 MPH At The Isle Of Man

Guy Martin, British racing ace and potential Jeremy Clarkson replacement, still hasn't taken home a win at the Isle of Man. It's certainly not for a lack of trying, as evidenced by this face-melting video from the TT. » 4/01/15 6:35pm Today 6:35pm

The 2016 Chevy Malibu Proves That The Gray-On-Gray Interior Isn't Dead

You thought it was dead. You thought you saw the last of it. You thought you’d near lay inside your dearly beloved again. No, not the 2016 Chevrolet Malibu. The Malibu ain’t ever going anywhere. I’m talking about the gray-on-gray interior. Awwwwww yeah baby. Gray. » 4/01/15 6:05pm Today 6:05pm

​Feds Are Counting On Matt Damon To Fix Our Transportation Nightmares

If there was an overarching theme in the Department of Transportation's Beyond Traffic 2045 report – beyond "we're screwed" – it's that the feds have no clue how to fix the transportation problems it's created. They're counting on technology to solve things. Or Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting. » 4/01/15 5:35pm Today 5:35pm

​The 621-HP Mercedes-AMG G65 Is Coming To U.S. This Fall For $217,900

That's right. If you want to impersonate your favorite dictator or oil baron, you'll need nearly $220,00 just to get in the door. And that's before you start ticking the option boxes. » 4/01/15 4:46pm Today 4:46pm

The Gorgeous White Hell Where They Test Your Winter Tires

Spanning over more than 1,700 acres, the Ivalo Testing Center, or as they call it, “White Hell,” is the place where Finland’s snow tire maker, Nokian Tyres, tests their winter tires in extreme conditions, using over 20 different snowy or icy test tracks, including the world largest indoor ice rink. » 4/01/15 4:23pm Today 4:23pm

#Scion Has No #Idea What It's #Doing 

A decade ago, Toyota's youth-oriented spinoff brand Scion scored an instant hit with the toaster-esque xB. It made sense not only for kids that wanted an interesting, cheap, reliable, spacious car, but everyone that wanted an interesting cheap, reliable, spacious car. Then they lost the plot, and despite unveiling the… » 4/01/15 4:04pm Today 4:04pm

The 2016 Cadillac CT6's Interior Dials Down The Crazy, And That's Good

Generally speaking, I’ve been a fan of Cadillac’s stuff over the past few years. They make damn good cars that are fast and luxurious and stylish, even if they aren’t quite on the level of the Germans in some areas. But one major sticking point has been their CUE infotainment system and haptic touch panel for certain… » 4/01/15 3:33pm Today 3:33pm

Dumber-er And Awesomer: Furious 7, Reviewed

1. Furious 7 has a scene I have been waiting a long, long time to see in a movie, and it happens twice. Two cars facing each other from opposite sides of the street. Two men, nostrils flaring, glowering, revving their engines, respective erect penises in hand. They shift into gear. They floor it. They speed directly… » 4/01/15 3:05pm Today 3:05pm

America Finally Gets The Honda Civic We've Always Wanted In The Type-R

It’s not an April Fools’ joke. I wouldn’t be writing about it if it was, because screw all those stupid attempts at corporate humor that come in fake press release form. Today at the New York Auto Show, Honda officially announced that America will get the high performance Civic we’ve always wanted — the Type-R. » 4/01/15 3:05pm Today 3:05pm

The 2016 Lexus RX Makes Driver Assistance Really Cheap

The 2016 Lexus RX will come with a package with just about every driver assistance technology on the market. That’s nothing new. The difference is with the Lexus it’s gonna be really cheap. » 4/01/15 3:02pm Today 3:02pm

Confessions Of A US Navy EA-18G Growler Electronic Warfare Officer

Electronic warfare is one of the most important yet misunderstood components of modern air combat. Today, US Navy and Marine electronic attack squadrons are the masters of this shadowy domain. One of their most experienced Electronic Warfare Officers is here to tell you about this critical mission, their new EA-18G… » 4/01/15 2:45pm Today 2:45pm

Dollar Shave Club Delivers You Fresh Razors for a Few Bucks a Month

It's no secret that shaving with a fresh razor blade feels great. But razor prices are so high people try to make their blades last for weeks at a time. Doing so causes cuts, skin irritation, and generally painful shaves. But with Dollar Shave Club you can always get a smooth shave with a fresh razor because they… » 3/31/15 3:09pm Yesterday 3:09pm

Last Chance: Get The Wireless Bluetooth Cloud Buds For 77% Off

Wireless bluetooth ear buds are the new norm for on-the-go music listening. For a limited time, Jalopnik readers can save 77% on the sleek, comfortable Wireless Bluetooth Cloud Buds. This deal is ending soon, so don't miss out. » 3/27/15 1:01pm Friday 1:01pm

Get 50% Off One Week of Blue Apron: Fresh Ingredient & Recipe Delivery 

With fresh ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes delivered to your home weekly, Blue Apron cuts down on meal-planning drudgery and focuses on the fun and flavor of home cooking. Even better, Blue Apron is offering Gawker readers the first week - three meals for two people – for just $30, half off the regular price. » 3/30/15 4:42pm Monday 4:42pm

Today's Best Deals: Great Looking Headphones, Free Gas, and a Lot More

My promise to you: Kinja Deals will be an April Fools safe zone today. I detest this holiday. » 4/01/15 10:04am Today 10:04am