Watch This Awesomely Bad Top Gun-Inspired Chinese Navy Music Video

There is some absolutely stunning footage of the Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning and her J-15 fighters in this Top Gun inspired music video (complete with half naked sweaty dudes) set to some guy singing a dramatic ballad. Apparently this thing was made by Chinese aircraft company AVIC SAC in recognition of the 65th… » 4/21/14 10:27am Today 10:27am

The BMW Vision Luxury Concept: What To Expect From The Next 7-Series

We've heard rumblings lately that BMW is working on a new ultra-luxury 9-Series flagship sedan that could share a platform with the next Rolls-Royce Phantom. But turns out this concept from the Beijing Motor Show is actually a 7, not a 9. » 4/21/14 10:00am Today 10:00am

16 Year-Old Stowaway Survives 5-Hour Flight In Plane's Wheel Well

A 16 year-old boy from Santa Clara, California was found without identification wandering around on the tarmac at Maui's Kahului Airport on Sunday. He was lucky to be alive, as he had just survived a five-hour flight in the wheel well of a Boeing 767-300 which had flown from San Jose, California to Maui. » 4/21/14 3:10am Today 3:10am