How Brexit Will Affect Your European Travel Plans

As the initial shock of Britain’s decision to leave the European Union sinks in, it’s time to assess the details and look to the future. There are certainly more important concerns, but if you’re planning a summer trip overseas, one of yours may be, “How’s this Brexit stuff gonna affect my vacation?” We’ve got answers.

Subaru's 600 HP Isle Of Man STi: Inside One Of The Fastest Sedans On Earth

Subaru’s factory-backed driver and madman Mark Higgins broke the Isle of Man record this year for four-wheeled vehicles not once but twice in one week. The lovely folks over at Subaru had me out to the Isle of Man to take a close look at the car. I can tell you they didn’t just build a car—they built a weapon.

Enjoy the Outdoors This Holiday Weekend With Amazon's Wenzel Tent Sale

Today only, Amazon’s offering great discounts on a selection of Wenzel tents, ranging from $45 for a basic 3-person model to $120 for a cabin-like 8-person option, complete with a screened porch, natch. Be sure to head over to Amazon to see all of the options, and remember that these prices are only available today,…


Pro Mountain Biker Thrashes a Cheap Walmart Bike on a Brutal Trail

Just because this Huffy Carnage is sold by Walmart as a mountain bike doesn’t necessarily mean it can handle a legit downhill mountain run, as Phil Kmetz discovered after spending $180 on one. Halfway through his ride the bike’s brake pads were almost completely gone, and after the first jump its handlebars broke and…

I'll Tell You What You Need: You Need This Manual V12-Swapped BMW E34 M5

Studies reveal that millions of Americans every month waste time at work on Jalopnik. So where do Jalopnik writers waste their time at work? Bring A Trailer, of course. And when I took a break to ogle this gorgeous 2002 BMW M5, ex-Jalop supremo Matt Hardigree showed me how I can do one better: a Euro-spec 1993 BMW M5…