Watch How Ford Tests The Shelby GT350 Mustang By Freezing It 

Cars have to be built to perform all sorts of tasks. Maybe I'm going to take my 2015 Shelby GT350 to the track. Maybe I'm going to drive it around Antarctica. Who's gonna stop me? North Korea? Hell no, not with a 5.2-liter flat plane crank V8 and more than 500 horses. Let 'em try. » 12/22/14 10:20pm Yesterday 10:20pm

​Hyundai Is Making The Infotainment System We've Been Asking For

Automakers are starting to get it. We don't want to deal with clunky interfaces and shoddy graphics. If we want to listen to our music and get directions, we want a dumb screen to connect to our smart phone. That's what Hyundai will be offering next year, and it'll be less expensive to boot.
» 12/22/14 9:20pm Yesterday 9:20pm

One Year Of Onboard Action Compiled Into 18 Minutes Of Pure Envy

Driver Gunnar Jeannette is one of the luckiest dudes in the world. As a professional driver and the son of famed Porsche restorer Kevin Jeannette, he has access to toys most of us only dream about. Here's a delightfully diverse collection of his onboard laps assembled for our enjoyment. » 12/22/14 8:55pm Yesterday 8:55pm

This Is Absolutely The Saddest Way To Have Your Car Delivered

In the beginning, cars can give a much-needed feeling of hope for the future to their all-too-happy owners picking them up from the showroom. But after a while, cars become sad versions of what they once were, and that's when you get places like this Copart salvage yard treating someone's once-pride-and-joy like a… » 12/22/14 6:50pm Yesterday 6:50pm

Why A Front-Mid-Engined Le Mans Prototype Is A Freak Of Nature

We uncovered the GT-R LM Nismo Le Mans prototype earlier today and you may be wondering, "Tons of cars have the engine in front of the driver, so what's the big deal?" Well, a quick survey of all the other Le Mans entrants in the past decade show that this is just not how things are done in the all-important LMP1… » 12/22/14 6:20pm Yesterday 6:20pm

Every Driving School In America

My experience at Mini's Miles Ahead Performance Motoring School at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway was one of the highlights of my year. Of course it was — what gearhead doesn't want to go to a driving school, where they learn how to fling cars around racetracks under the watchful eye of pro drivers? » 12/22/14 5:50pm Yesterday 5:50pm

Can You Find A More Comfortable Car For Sale Than This Citroën?

Now, I haven't been in this long wheelbase 1986 Citroën CX, but with its hydropneumatic suspension that can smooth out the roughest of roads, and an interior fit for the gods, I'd be willing to say that there isn't a more comfortable car on sale right now. » 12/22/14 5:19pm Yesterday 5:19pm

We drove the new Tesla P85D and, holy hell, it's like a rocket!

There's about to be a ton of used single-motor Tesla Model S electric cars flooding the market. How do we know? Because we just drove the new 2014 Tesla Model S P85D, and every Tesla owner's going to want to trade their car for this thing. » 12/22/14 4:56pm Yesterday 4:56pm

The 2014 Jalopnik Gift Guide: Ideas For Last-Minute Cheapskates

Christmas is three days away. Chanukah is over in two. You're lazy, and you're broke, so you haven't gotten any gifts yet. Not any movies, books, games, tasteful items, or really anything else. But we're not here to shame and judge – we're here to help. So here are some ideas, costing less than $25, to help you out,… » 12/22/14 4:39pm Yesterday 4:39pm

Look at What This Father is Doing With This GoKart

This is a five horsepower, four-stroke, chain-driven, single speed, mad, mad, speed machine. It'll do 25mph, in fact, with my shivering ass a 150lb fully grown man-boy gripping and tugging at the pseudo-pro pleather wheel on a slighly less than level grade. This thing only has one purpose, and therefor it is a… » 12/22/14 4:33pm Yesterday 4:33pm

​California DMV Will Blow Its Deadline On Rules For Self-Driving Cars

The California DMV set a deadline of January 1 to establish rules that would govern self-driving cars. The only problem is DMV officials can't figure out exactly how to set safety standards for robotic chauffeurs that are still years away from production.
» 12/22/14 4:22pm Yesterday 4:22pm

This Year, Make Holiday Traffic Work for You

Whether you're full of yuletide cheer or just sad low-octane eggnog, there's one thing most people have in common this holiday season: there's a lot to get done! Suddenly, normally easy moments — like spending alone time in your car — become ideal places to have an anxiety attack, as you start dwelling on everything… » 12/22/14 12:00pm Yesterday 12:00pm

$14 IR Thermometer, Street-Legal Scooter, and More Deals

You might not think you need a non-contact thermometer in your tool box, but they're a ton of fun to mess around with, and can really come in handy for everything from cooking to home energy savings. If you want one for yourself, or you just want to start your holiday gift shopping,you can order one today for just » 12/22/14 2:15pm Yesterday 2:15pm