Takata Airbag Recall Hits Japan As Honda Calls Back 340,000 JDM Vehicles

Honda Motor Company expanded the Takata airbag recall today by adding well over a quarter million vehicles in the Japanese domestic market. This move is in response to the United States recall expansion ordered last week by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. » 5/28/15 6:23am Today 6:23am

VW Changes Their Corporate Font To Something Less Interesting

I’m pretty sure we have more than our share of typography nerds in our readership, myself included. So when I saw Volkswagen was planning a change to their corporate font, I was interested — VW has been remarkably consistent with their strong typography over the years, so this change better be good! Sadly, it isn’t. » 5/27/15 9:40pm Yesterday 9:40pm

How I Witnessed the Death of a Hero

From the moment the traction control light began flickering during my ascent of the steep grade entry road to Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, I knew there would be trouble. Even on street rubber, the wide rear end of the 2003 Porsche Carrera 4S I was driving fought for traction against the stream of water running down the… » 5/27/15 9:03pm Yesterday 9:03pm

Idiot On Audi RS6 Test Drive Immediately Crashes It Into Tram 

When you take any car on any sort of test drive, you try not to drive it like you’ve never pushed pedals before. Mostly because you’ll just look like a pissboy, but also because It Is Not Your Car. That rule especially applies to something like the Audi RS6, which it moves very quickly. Which means it also collides… » 5/27/15 8:55pm Yesterday 8:55pm

Jump Onboard Richard Petty's 200MPH Plymouth Superbird 45 Years Later

NASCAR icon Richard Petty hasn’t driven his 1970 Superbird stock car that gave a character to Pixar’s Cars since the end of the 1970 season, but as he is a regular at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, he’s about to fire her up next month. » 5/27/15 8:10pm Yesterday 8:10pm

USS Arizona Memorial Reportedly Struck During Docking Op In Pearl Harbor

Reports are coming in that the USS Arizona Memorial was struck by the USNS Mercy while the massive hospital ship was attempting a docking operation in Pearl Harbor. It’s unclear if the hallowed site was hit by the ship, one of its tugs, or both and what kind of damage occurred, but eyewitness say they heard the ship… » 5/27/15 7:11pm Yesterday 7:11pm

This Trailer Isn't Broken, It's A Portable Off-Road Obstacle

Australian outfit ARB has a huge catalogue of off-road parts, but they’re probably best known for pneumatic locking differentials. To demonstrate how they work, the ARB crew brings this amazing self-contained off-road obstacle all over the world. » 5/27/15 5:51pm Yesterday 5:51pm

Jimmie Johnson Mistakes NASCAR For Formula Drift

NASCAR Sprint Cup driver Jimmie Johnson claims he was trying to adjust the track bar in his car because it was too loose, but I know he secretly wanted more of that sweet, sweet oversteer. Johnson once again showed that he is a master of opposite lock in a situation that would’ve sent many other drivers into the wall.
» 5/27/15 5:11pm Yesterday 5:11pm

What's The Worst DMV Experience You've Ever Had?

Waiting at the Department of Motor Vehicles has to be one of the most hateful and mind-numbing wastes of precious time anyone can ever endure, and the faith lost in humanity can only multiply when you talk to a person working there. What are your worst DMV stories?
» 5/27/15 4:26pm Yesterday 4:26pm

Riding In A Hot Metal Bathtub At 120 MPH Across Italy Is Glorious

I’m watching a Lancia Ypsilon come right at me, leading a line of other cars. As we barrel toward the Lancia, we’re passing cars on my right: Gullwings, Alfas, sinuous, low red blurs. The sound is deafening, a massive muffler rumbling just to my left and wind all around. I glance at the speedo and see the needle… » 5/27/15 3:15pm Yesterday 3:15pm