The Four Seasons Jet Is The Luxury Hotel Of The Skies

Four Seasons is bringing their world-renowned luxury and service to cruising altitude with a new private plane. The sleek black Boeing 757-200 will carry up to 52 passengers on custom tailored round-the-world itineraries beginning next February. Combined with accommodations at Four Seasons properties, it's hard to… » 4/23/14 1:37pm 29 minutes ago

Watch Squatters Toss A Drink, Barbecue Sauce On Detroit TV Reporter

Say what you will about Detroit, but we've got good housing stock. And I've said before, there are more than plenty of neighborhoods that are still attractive to would-be homeowners. That's a blessing and a curse, as some residents try to get over on a solid home. » 4/23/14 1:32pm 34 minutes ago

Will Mandatory Rear-View Cameras Usher In A New Surveillance State?

In the next few years, every single car sold in America will have to come equipped with a rear-view camera. This is partially due to the power of the Very Small Dog lobby and the fact that we, as a nation, are sick of buying new R/C cars and Big Wheels. It also opens up unprecedented surveillance possibilities. » 4/23/14 1:20pm 47 minutes ago

This Ethiopian Intersection Is A Beautiful Example Of Organized Chaos

Engineers have attempted for years to design the perfect intersection, with no traffic lights, and no signs. Their attempts have met with varying levels of success. What they should've done is just watched drivers in Meskel Square, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Then they would've known just to say "screw it." » 4/23/14 12:20pm Today 12:20pm

Here's Some Stuff No One Else Will Tell You About The Lambo Aventador

This Monday, Lamborghini was nice enough to invite me to participate in their Lamborghini Esperienza, which I believe is Italian for "let's make sure our cars won't explode if we put a dipshit in them." Happily, they don't, and even better, I learned a bunch of stuff about Aventadors I'd like to share with you. » 4/23/14 12:00pm Today 12:00pm

What Car Should Have A Convertible Version?

We got a tip yesterday about how 100 Tesla Model S convertibles have been ordered by a Chinese investor. The conversion is done by Newport Convertible Engineering, a company that, much like the Girls Gone Wild guy, makes a living by arranging to have tops taken off. The Tesla one actually looks pretty good! » 4/23/14 11:50am Today 11:50am

Icon's Land Rover D90 Makes The Original Look Like A Cheap Tractor

The Land Rover Defender is beautiful in its own agricultural stock glory. I've been perilously close to buying some heavily rusted "restorable" examples myself. But taking a deep dive with Jon Ward of Icon 4x4 shows how much prettier the truck can be when someone really sweats the details. » 4/23/14 11:47am Today 11:47am