The 2016 Cadillac CTS-V Is Crazier Than Any Hellcat 

If a guy dressed up like a clown walks into your office and produces for you a balloon poodle, you’re not going to be that surprised. If your boss comes into your office and starts krumping, you’ll probably feel differently. The Charger Hellcat is the clown and your krumping boss is the Cadillac CTS-V. It’s insane, in… »5 minutes ago12/01/15 12:15pm


Detroit to Vegas (and back) in a 2016 Viper ACR 

The 2016 Viper ACR is mostly a burnt offering to the Gods of Speed and Violence, with few concessions to mortal man. It’s an iron fist in a carbon fiber glove. Developmental time was spent entirely on the track and in the wind tunnel; not a single second was afforded to street manners. Noise, Vibration,and Harshness… »40 minutes ago12/01/15 11:40am

The Ten Car Features That Get The Most Undeserved Hate

It’s human nature for people to take good things for granted. Here’s 10 examples of that in the car world. »Today 11:00am12/01/15 11:00am

[Here’s GP2’s Racing Engineering celebrating Alexander Rossi’s P2 finish this season.

[Here’s GP2’s Racing Engineering celebrating Alexander Rossi’s P2 finish this season. Rossi also brought some stripes and stars into F1, and as he continues to work on what it takes to be in the top category, Alfonso and his crew will move on, discovering new talents. That’s the job. Photo credit: C) Imran Ahmed -… »Today 7:12am12/01/15 7:12am

Is The New Mazda MX-5 Miata As Pure As Its Lineage?

Look, we at Jalopnik are sort of biased when it comes to the small, light, honest, pure, emotional, exciting, intuitive, and interactive small roadster that is the Mazda Miata. Knowing how good each generation of the car has been, does the new one hold up as a pure expression of driving enthusiasm? »Yesterday 10:15pm11/30/15 10:15pm