Can We Help ID This Mystery Mopar Steering Wheel?

Earlier today, we got an email from a woman who found this steering wheel placed at her front door. The woman signed the email “Kelly Ladymopar,” so I’m guessing a Chrysler steering wheel isn’t totally unwelcome. Still, she’d like to know exactly what Chrysler it’s from, and I’d like to know what such a gift may mean. » 7/30/15 9:30pm Yesterday 9:30pm

Would You Save This Ridiculously Cheap BMW M3 Or Let It Rot?

When a car is neglected, it’s a reflection on not only the owner, but the community because it means that when enthusiasts see a relatively clean fixer-upper BMW E36 M3 like this one, they don’t ask “How about I take her off your hands?” I’m here to stop that because this car is for sale, and every one of us should… » 7/30/15 8:30pm Yesterday 8:30pm

Watch These Hyper Rare Vietnam-Era Jets Light Up The Sky Over Oshkosh

It was a hell of a year for Vietnam-era jet aircraft at the EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Not only did the USAF’s QF-4 perform at sunset, but one of the amazing demonstrations included an A-4, MiG-17 and the world’s only flyable F-100 Super Sabre ripping the skies apart in front of thousands of awestruck… » 7/30/15 7:30pm Yesterday 7:30pm

Here Are The Best Minivan Alternatives

I must get this question about once a week. Seriously, what is wrong with you people? You know you need a minivan. You know the minivan is the best family hauling car for the money. Yet for some strange reason you have this complex about driving a van and would rather sacrifice convenience and flexibility so you can… » 7/30/15 4:44pm Yesterday 4:44pm

How Did This Airstrike Hit Six Areas Of A Single ISIS Compound At Once?

While watching the latest air strike videos coming out of Syria and Iraq I noticed this unusual targeting FLIR imagery of a compound being obliterated by six nearly simultaneous precision strikes, each hitting a defined area of the complex. Targeting tags appear on the exact spots that are struck. » 7/30/15 4:23pm Yesterday 4:23pm

This Video of Protestors Trashing Uber Cars Makes Me Feel Bad for Uber 

I don’t like Uber. It’s an apparently evil company that overcharges people and eschews accountability as often as possible. However, seeing an angry mob of cabbies descend upon and destroy a number of Uber cars in Mexico City actually made me feel bad for Uber drivers. » 7/30/15 3:33pm Yesterday 3:33pm

Why Were Old Jet Engines So Much More Smoky Than Newer Ones?

The dawn of the jet age saw the skies near major airports raked with thick black smoke trails. These exhaust plumes have largely disappeared from our atmosphere due to continuous jet engine innovations. Here is the story of the jet engine’s amazing change in visual and ecological signature since its introduction into… » 7/30/15 3:03pm Yesterday 3:03pm

Rumor: F1's Jenson Button May Become The Most Dapper Man On Top Gear

Fair warning: this rumor comes via The Daily Mail, which is about as reliable a source as that guy at the music festival who did too much and needs a moment alone with the voices—particularly on all matters Top Gear. Behold: those voices say we might get Jenson Button as a Top Gear host! » 7/30/15 2:37pm Yesterday 2:37pm

If Taxis Had Apps, I Wouldn’t Use Uber

So I’m sitting in the back of an Uber the other day. It’s a Nissan Altima, the last-generation model, the one where it looks like the rear tail lights were styled using the rare Photoshop feature More Turn Signal. The driver is yammering away on the phone. And he’s cruising along about three inches from the car in… » 7/30/15 2:36pm Yesterday 2:36pm

Lemon, Eh? VW Canada's Old Ads Were Awesome (Ripoffs Of The U.S. Ones)

In 1959, Helmut Krone, art director of New York ad agency DDB, designed a print ad campaign for Volkswagen, who were trying to break into the U.S. The industry-changing ads, which looked unlike anything any other automaker ran at the time, are now considered some of the most influential in advertising.
» 7/30/15 2:25pm Yesterday 2:25pm

OH-58D Kiowa Warriors Bow Out Of Fort Drum In Spectacular Fashion

The end of the Kiowa in U.S. Army service is drawing near. The 10th Mountain Division’s 6th Squadron, 6th Cavalry Regiment, 10th Combat Aviation Brigade, a longtime user of the scout chopper, began their goodbye to their OH-58 force by flying a mass launch of all 30 of their aircraft at once on July 27th. … » 7/30/15 2:17pm Yesterday 2:17pm

I Just Spent A Day Riding In A Shelby GT350R Mustang And I Can't Even

I just finished getting tossed around like a rag doll by Ford’s new Shelby GT350R. The Ford dynamics and vehicle integration engineers showed no mercy as I sat there in the passenger seat turning blue. It was awesome.http://jalopnik.com/ford-mustang-s... » 7/30/15 1:25pm Yesterday 1:25pm