Continuing the pattern of slightly less Mercedes domination in Formula One this year, the front row of the Russian Grand Prix starting grid will be Ferrari red on Sunday. Sebastian Vettel is on pole, with teammate Kimi Raikkonen in second. Mercedes locked up the third and fourth spots, and the full lineup is here.


A Tech Bro Charged Thousands for an Island Getaway That Turned Into The Hunger Games [UPDATED] 

The distance between expectation and reality makes fools of us all, but it made the well-heeled attendees of an exclusive music festival in the Bahamas look particularly moronic late Thursday night. For tickets that started at $1,200 and went as high as $250,000, the young and rich signed up for passage to the doomed…

Brief But Revealing Conversations With People Who Emailed Me To Say ESPN Is Failing Because It's Liberal

ESPN is hemorrhaging money and laying off employees. This is because it is having trouble paying billions of dollars in rights fees while also losing millions of subscribers to cord-cutting. People cancel their cable subscriptions because advances in technology have allowed them to consume all the TV, movies, and…