The 2016 Audi TT's Biggest Edge Is Still How Good It Looks

Longtime readers of this website may remember that when it launched a decade ago, Jalopnik announced itself to the world as a place that loved cars sometimes “just because of the curve of a hood.” And in a nod to compelling hood curvatures—as well as the site’s “exclusive sponsor” at the time—its logo contained the … »Today 1:52pm11/30/15 1:52pm

Grisly Video Of Fatal Lamborghini Street Racing Crash Reminds Us Not To Street Race

There’s a video of the aftermath of a street race between a Lamborghini and a Ferrari going viral on Facebook now, and it’s about as stark and grim a reminder of the dangers of street racing as you can get. So, you’re warned: the video below, while not strictly bloody, is very disturbing, and has what appears to be a… »Today 11:32am11/30/15 11:32am

Third Time’s The Charm

Have you ever wondered exactly what it takes to build a rally car? As a result of a little “incident” I had at Magnum Opus in 2014, I’ll be building my third rally car. The wreck ultimately did very little damage to anything other than the chassis of my 2.5 RS rally car. Disassembly essentially left us with a “rally… »Today 11:20am11/30/15 11:20am

The Best Suction Cup Smartphone Mount is Cheaper Than Ever for Cyber Monday

The followup to your favorite smartphone car mount is down to just $14 today on Amazon, which is the best price we’ve ever seen. While magnetic vent mounts have been particularly popular among our readers this year, this is the best suction cup mount you’ll find. [iOttie Easy One Touch 2 Car Mount, $14] »Today 10:12am11/30/15 10:12am

Oscar Mayer Now Sells an RC Weinermobile So You Can Be a Gifting Hero

Back in July, Oscar Mayer teased us with an RC off-road version of its iconic Weinermobile that looked impossibly fun to drive. It was unfortunately a one-off creation that few got to play with, so to make up for that tease, Oscar Mayer has created an even smaller RC version you can finally buy. »Today 10:01am11/30/15 10:01am