AMG’s Tobias Moers asks: should Mercedes build a GT4 race car?

I am almost always delighted with any comment left after columns like this, because whether you agree with me or not, you’ve taken time to read what I have written and thought it merited a reply, which is usually (but I concede not always) a reasonable indication that I’m doing my job properly. » 4/21/15 6:03am Today 6:03am

The Definitive Visual Guide On How Not To Behave In A Motorcycle Race

Let Moto3 rider Romano Fenati demonstrate nearly every single bad behavior you could do in a motorcycle race. Fenati had a bit of a beef with fellow rider Niklas Ajo during the warm-up session for this weekend’s race, not only kicking at his competitor’s bike, but later reaching over and disabling that bike on the… » 4/20/15 10:00pm Yesterday 10:00pm

There's Imperial Star Destroyers All Over Craigslist Now

Ever since the most recent Star Wars trailer came out, with its prominent, crashed Imperial Star Destroyer half-buried in the sand on some miserable outer-rim planet, rubber hoses and gaskets getting all dry-rotted, clever people have been trying to sell it on Craigslist. There’s actually been a few ads — let’s look… » 4/20/15 9:30pm Yesterday 9:30pm

Honda Imagines This Lifted Tuner Car As Their Flagship In China

This is the 2015 Honda D Concept, which Honda says “shows the direction of a mass-production SUV model” they’re already working on exclusively for China. Looks straight out of the now-defunct import tuner mags I used to read in high school, and actually kind of awesome. » 4/20/15 9:00pm Yesterday 9:00pm

John Oliver's Doomsday Video Is A Hell Of A Lot Nicer Than CNN's

Way back in the 1980s, Ted Turner had CNN make a video that was only to be played at the end of the world. It was a bit melancholy, to put it lightly. A bit boring, and not exactly the sendoff we might want. So leave it to John Oliver, Last Week Tonight, and Martin Sheen to give us a much, much better one. » 4/20/15 7:20pm Yesterday 7:20pm

Which Car Would You Enter In The 24 Hours Of LeMons Out Of Spite?

Once upon a time, I had a miserable beater. Unfortunately, it belonged to my parents and got traded in when they finally realized they had spent several running 944s’ worth in repair bills. Had it been signed over to me, there was no doubt in my mind where it needed to go to die: the 24 Hours of LeMons.
» 4/20/15 6:40pm Yesterday 6:40pm

I Used Mini’s Augmented Reality Goggles And Now I Need A Pair

Yes, I look like a complete tool – more so than normal. And that’s just one of the many issues with faceputers. But for those of us that buy cars to drive and not as overpriced fashion statements, Mini’s augmented reality goggles are the fighter jet-style, head-up display of our dreams. I used them and now I need a… » 4/20/15 6:00pm Yesterday 6:00pm

Clarkson Thought He Had Cancer And Wants A New Show, Hammond Is Bored

You saw the headline, right up there? Up top? The one involving Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and non- Top Gear? And you’re still clicking through? Good, then we’re all on the same page. Because there’s plenty of things to drudge through in the world of non-Top Gear, starting with the Ape and the Hamster.
» 4/20/15 5:15pm Yesterday 5:15pm

Is The US About To Blockade Iranian Arms Shipments To Yemen?

Reports suggest that the super carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt and the guided missile cruiser USS Normandy are moving into position off the coast of Yemen in an attempt to interdict Iranian arms shipments intended to resupply Shiite Houthi rebels in that country. » 4/20/15 5:00pm Yesterday 5:00pm

El Camino-Driving, Jalopnik-Endorsed Badass Elected Leader Of Finland

Longtime Jalopnik readers may remember Juha Sipilä. He is a former telecom executive, politician, and builder of a badass El Camino that runs on wood gas. Also, as of last night, he is the prime minister-elect of Finland. » 4/20/15 4:30pm Yesterday 4:30pm

Insane MotoGP Race Ends With Marc Marquez and Valentino Rossi Colliding

MotoGP’s Gran Premio Red Bull de la República Argentina came down to a battle between two previous world champions: Marc Marquez and Valentino Rossi. Marquez was in the lead, but Rossi was coming up on him fast on a more durable rear tire compound than Marquez. » 4/20/15 4:09pm Yesterday 4:09pm

Inside the Fiery Workshop of a 21st Century Swordmaker

Down a stretch of country road in upstate New York there is a shed. The shed itself is nothing spectacular, a whitewash number with years of weathering. But inside sparks fly, fires breathe, and slabs of steel are fashioned into capable killing machines. This is Odinblades, a grimy shrine to the ancient art of… » 4/20/15 3:59pm Yesterday 3:59pm

All The Shameless Chinese Car Knockoffs At The Shanghai Motor Show

It’s that time of year again — the Shanghai Motor Show! The auto show where increasingly desperate American, European, Japanese and Korean automakers try to tap the Chinese bubble before it pops entirely, and where Chinese automakers try to prove to the rest of the world that they can build more than just the car… » 4/20/15 3:50pm Yesterday 3:50pm

Get the Power Vault 18,000mAh Portable Battery Pack for 72% Off

Battery life should never slow down real life. With the lightweight and durable Power Vault, you get 18,000mAh of portable power — enough to recharge your phone 10+ times while you're on the go. Right now, Jalopnik readers can grab one for $29.99 - that's 72% off. » 4/15/15 8:52pm Wednesday 8:52pm