New Honda CEO Says Yes To English After Predecessor Called It 'Stupid'

Welcome to The Drift where Jalopnik East rounds up the highlights from the Land of the Rising Sun and beyond. In today’s headlines, Honda’s new CEO announces a plan for Japan’s third largest automaker to move entirely to English and resigned Toyota executive Julie Hamp’s charges are suspended. » 7/07/15 6:30am Today 6:30am

Five Ways To Making Watching Global Rallycross Way More Fun

Yesterday, I went out to the Marine Corps Air Station New River, where the most recent Red Bull Global Rallycross race was held. Aside from there being a lot more helicopters and tilt-rotor aircraft around, it was set up like most rallycross races, which is to say, not great for spectators. Luckily for Red Bull, I… » 7/06/15 9:45pm Yesterday 9:45pm

BikeBoat That Catches Fire, Sinks Is Not A Compelling Crowdfunding Pitch

We can all get behind the spirit of adventure. But fashioning a bike to a boat and attempting to cross the English Channel, then having said “BikeBoat” burst into flames and sink isn’t the best way to make your case on a crowdfunded expedition across the Bering Straight.
» 7/06/15 8:45pm Yesterday 8:45pm

IT'S ON: Japan Accepts US Giant Robot Fight Challenge

Last week, we reported about how MegaBots, the American giant-piloted-robot-concern, finished their brute of a mech, the MegaBot Mark II, and immediately challenged the one other existing giant fighting robot, Japan’s Kuratas, to a duel. Well, peoples of earth, get excited, because the Japanese accepted. It’s on. » 7/06/15 7:45pm Yesterday 7:45pm

"OMFG!": How Dale Jr. Reacted Live To Last Night's Gnarly NASCAR Wreck

Dale Earnhardt Jr. won last night’s Coke Zero 400 at Daytona, but most coverage of the race today has rightly focused on the devastating wreck that pulverized the #3 Chevy, yet miraculously left driver Austin Dillon unharmed. Here’s uncensored audio of Dale Jr.’s raw reaction to seeing the wreck in his rearview mirror… » 7/06/15 7:15pm Yesterday 7:15pm

Why The SCCA's Low Cost Track Nights Are A Brilliant Idea

The way Road & Track contributor Jack Baruth sees it, the reason we have lapping day events in the first place was a reaction to the stuffy old SCCA’s too-strict adherence to rulebooks. It put a damper on the fun. Folks stopped coming. That was bad for those of us who want to take our BMW clownshoes (or duck-heads, if… » 7/06/15 6:15pm Yesterday 6:15pm

M1A2 Abrams Goes "Boom!" During Operation Speed And Power In Bulgaria

A Shitload of Matchbox Cars and Why JDM Imports Are So Popular

With 100+ new posts every day, it can be quite difficult to keep up with Oppositelock, Jalopnik’s reader forum. Lucky for you, compiled here is a collection of its best writing. Today it includes your childhood toys, the JDM craze in Canada, a box, classic Minis and Michelin’s involvement in Formula 1.
» 7/06/15 5:35pm Yesterday 5:35pm