It's amazing to think that, in the past 25 years, the horsepower sum of the two most iconic German GT cars has risen by more than 500 equines. But then, together they've also added nearly 1,300 lbs. Yes, they're very different cars these days.

In this episode of Chris Harris on Cars, Chris matches up two massive, German GT cars — the Mercedes-Benz SL63 AMG and the BMW M6 — making a beeline to British B-roads to, er, give them the beans. With two of the finest V8s Germany builds, and an adaptable chassis setup that allows both long-distance comfort and close-quarters handling.

Which one will dominate? The one with the sweet, brute-force AMG V8 (now turbocharged) and removable top, or the one with the tech-heavy (now turbocharged) BMW V8 and fixed roof? Either way, there's no doubt that they can both drift.