If you'd only been exposed to drifting through its origins — touge canyon racing in Japan or grassroots parking lot dorifto in AE86 Toyotas — you may not know most competitive drifters swap V8s into their Japanese compacts. Like Corey Hosford's blown, 800-hp, LS3-powered KSport Nissan 350Z.

This week on Tuned, Matt Farah gets a lungful of atomized tire, and a drift lesson from Hosford, Formula Drift's own Lt. Dangle — sans police-issue Daisy Dukes — at the Bondurant School of High Performance Driving.

Under the hood is an LS3 with a Magnuson supercharger perched atop. There's also a separate set of rear brakes for the hydraulic handbrake, as well as a kit that provides nearly 60 degrees of steering angle at full lock, a must-have for the sliding arts of sideways motorsport.


Also, you may think drift cars are set up with a loose rear. Not so! The rear's set up tight and grippy to preserve forward momentum, with traction limits overcome by brute force when needed.


But back to the original question. Watch and find out.