With more and more weekend racing warriors heading to private race tracks, the dilemma of what to drive has become a real first-world problem. Do they take a road car and prep it for the track, or buy a dedicated track car? AVI Racing came up with a have-and-eat cake solution.

This week on Tuned, Matt Farah heads to Inde Motorsports Park in Arizona to drive AVI's "Project Insanity" Corvette GT1. Sure, it looks Vette-like, but it's actually a tube-framed dedicated racecar, for less than the price of a new C6. Why do that? First of all, the dry weight is 2,330 lbs. (Let's see you try to get a Z06 under three grand dry.) Second, it's got all the racing tech you'll need right out of the box, which means less time in the garage and more time out on the track.

The point is to build a dedicated track car that's as fast as possible, as light as possible and as easy to work on as possible. Or, you could go ahead and build your own track project. Your choice, moneybags.