What's the difference between an Earl Scheib-esque econo paint job and that of a seven-figure, carbon-fiber hypercar? That "orange peel" look, for one, and also the thickness of the clearcoat. That, and around 200 hours of polishing.

On this episode of Inside Koenigsegg, Christian Von Koenigsegg takes us through the process of painting his Agera R hypercar, from prepping the carbon fiber body pieces to the exacting finishing job that takes the equivalent of five weeks' worth of business days.

But a hypercar manufacturer like Koenigsegg also has to consider how much weight the paint adds, as well as whether or not a buyer — who will likely be customizing the car to his own spec — wants the look of the carbon fiber to show through, or the paint to have a glossy, pearl or matte look. Sounds like good problems to have.