Riding with a passenger on any motorcycle presents some major challenges to the rider, but with a serious sportbike, the complexity increases a few fold. What if your passenger is 270 pounds and you are a mere snip at 160?

The only way I'm riding second-seat is with an AK-47. That my policy. But Matt Farah, who thinks motorcycles are dangerous, stupid and terrifying, got a lesson in so-called bitch seating from RideApart's Jamie Robinson. A 11-stone racer lugging nearly 19 stone's worth of Farah on a 2013 Honda CBR1000RR — on a canyon road? The gods smiled down on these Mutt-and-Jeff nutballs, lo that day.

But despite the cartoonish juxtaposition, the advice for bike passengers is solid. Ride with the driver, not against him. Unified weight transfer is the key to safe riding and, er, passengering. And also, Matt, put that face piece down. You're making me nervous.