What more can be said about the Singer 911 that hasn't been said already? Lots. For one, we'd like to hear (and see) more about the extensive build process. We'd also like to see it drifted around a California racetrack. Done and done.

Chris Harris accomplishes both of those things in his latest video on Drive. Monkey kicks off 2013 with a nearly half-hour video profile on the Singer 911. It's a car we've dreamt about nightly ever since laying eyes on that expertly sculpted, and yet still pure, 911 shape a few years back.

Still, despite the breathtaking level of detail Singer techs achieve in building these cars — they're certainly not your typical Porsche hackers, by a long shot — the price tag still stuns. Starting in the $300,000 range, the Singer 911 can easily top a half mill if a buyer utters the word "yes" a few too many times.


Yes, the arguments in favor of the Singer 911 being crowned the ultimate Porsche 911 are many. But would you pay that kind of money for the distinction?