The most innovative supercar company in the world operates out of an old fighter jet base and is run by a straight-up Bond villain. Drive's new YouTube show goes inside the factory at Koenigsegg and we are seriously excited.

First of all, the show is hosted by the engineering boy genius founder himself, Christian von Koenigsegg. He's the man who built a nerd's wonderland of speed. Having a show with him is like getting a factory tour with SPECTRE. You half expect the guy to lead you around while stroking a fluffy white cat.

Second of all, while Koenigsegg has had on-TV features in the past, none of those shows really went in-depth as much as we'd have liked. Drive's producer told us "we geeked out…no holding back." When you're talking about a company that builds a world-record-holding carbon fiber hypercar just off a military base, that's something to get giddy about.


The show will focus on the mind-boggling Agera R, but it sounds like there will be more than just pure supercar pornography. According to von Keonigsegg, the nine-part feature will "draw back the curtain on technological developments inside Koenigsegg's R&D facility." He continues, "the technologies that comprise today's hypercars like the Koenigsegg Agera R, I am sure will be commonplace in the mass-produced vehicles of tomorrow. Viewers of this series will have a better understanding of how cars of the next 20 years will be different from the cars of today — how they'll perform better, look better and be more efficient in every way."


Inside Koenigsegg, debuts January 8, 2013 on This trailer has us thinking that coolest car show this year might not be Top Gear.