Supercars are, like, soooo 2012. The future is all about hypercars, like the Porsche 918, the McLaren P1, the Ferrari F150 (or whatever it's going to be called) and so on.

But while all of them are probably going to be fantastic road cars, what we really want is to see them fight it out on a race track somewhere. Why not race them in ALMS, Grand-Am, or the FIA World Endurance Championship?

On this recent episode of Drive's ShakeDown, Leo Parente discusses "race cars that should be," and notes that in those forms of racing there are really only two categories: the racing-only prototypes, and production-based cars. He argues that all of those cars listed above — as well as some new ones, like the rumored Audi R20 — should be raced more actively, like the McLaren F1 was back in the 1990s.


What do you think? Do we need to see more hypercars suited up for racing duty?


Hat tip to Jim!