To Long before the CTS-V got its vaunted LSA supercharged V8, this 20-foot-long 1964 Cadillac DeVille convertible was state-of-the-art luxury motoring. Now, the '64 has its own supercharged V8, a 468ci big block worth 600 hp — a little more than the LSA.

This week on Big Muscle, Mike Musto tests out the blown DeVille, owned by Ron Dean, who did the engine swap just because he felt like it. Now the '64 looks like some flamboyant gangster bootlegger's daily 'shine wagon.

Either that, or the bug-out car for a hippie outlaw in an early '70s highway-rebel movie, starring Joe Don Baker as the sympathetic Sheriff caught between a desperado with a heart of gold and a corrupt government cabal. The narrative possibilities are endless.