Leave it to SEMA to cough up normal cars that have been rendered through the fantasy mill. We've already admitted that we like the Ford Fusion and our prayers for someone to tune a manual transmission model and bring it to SEMA have been answered

Meet Ice Nine Group's custom built Ford Fusion. It's bright green and comes with a 1.6-liter EcoBoost and a six-speed manual transmission. It is like they chugged a sixer of MONSTER and going to town with every add-on they could find. It's sort of tacky, honestly, but it's the model we're most excited about tuning.


The other sporty Fusions coming to SEMA are AWD 2.0-liter EcoBoost cars built by MRT Performance, 3dCarbon, and Tjin Edition — but alas, they're automatics.

If we had our druthers we'd take the bronze aesthetic and apply it to the 1.6-liter car. There's something about the color that's a big middle finger to beige cars with its bright metallic tan color. We'd drop the green calipers, though.


Now that they've got the Fusion's styling down, let's start stamping our feet and harrumphing loudly for bigger engines and turbo options.

Photo credit: Ford Photo Library

Photo credit: Ford Photo Library

Photo credit: Ford Photo Library