Engine-swap stories are a car nerd's answer to celebrity dating gossip. (Seen Kristen Stewart at the Chateau Marmont swapping spit with a 389 tri-power? Let us know.) But a first-gen Camaro with the still-beating heart of a wrecked Cadillac CTS-V? Papa Razzi, call the front desk.

In his latest episode of Big Muscle, Mike Musto steps out in Bob Hall's Cadillac-powered '68 Camaro convertible. Opting for a modernization in typical pro-touring fashion over a straight restoration, Hall's made the 44-year-old pony capable of no-joke hoonage. In the process, he's likely pissed off the lawn-chair-and-parasol car-show set. In fact, Hall autocrosses it regularly and has dispatched at least one overeager Ferrari helmsman on the highway.

And then there's that supercharged LSA engine, out of a wrecked 2009 Caddy, with which Hall says he can get close to 20 mpg on the highway. Is this what having it all looks like?