It's more than sad that we won't be getting this run-out version of the Lotus Exige. Maybe it's because the company's U.S. air-bag exemption has run out, or that CEO Dany Bahar's pissed we weren't more excited about the company's new concepts. So, let's share a moment of vicarious pleasure with Chris Harris

Along with a designy new headlight treatment, the new Exige S uses the Evora S supercharged V6 and a reworked rear suspension in its quest to out GT3 the Porsche GT3. All that, plus some apparently very trick Bosch traction-control gear that learns track conditions and a driver's style. Shall we play a game, Joshua?

Either way, Chris Harris says the new Exige S is the best street/track car Lotus has ever built. But can it really out GT3 a Porsche? We'll see if the Lotus's "chassis from the Gods" makes the difference.