Italy's "supercar gulch" (our coinage) comprises the well-known (Ferrari, Lamborghini), the mysterious (B Engineering and its Bugatti-based Edonis) and the defunct (Cisitalia, Bizzarrini). Here, in a nondescript building near Modena, an Argentinian disciple of Leonardo DiVinci builds amazing Italian sports cars with the finest, hand-built German engines. Let's take a look inside Pagani Automobili S.p.A.

In his latest episode of Driven, JF Musial, with typical wide-eyed wonderment, leads us into the dream factory of Horacio Pagani. Inside, craftspeople are busy forming the company's new Huayra (and also a stunning run-out version of the Pagani Zonda — the million-plus-euro, AMG-powered supercar that sounds like the machinery of angels). He also introduces us to a tattooed test driver who, despite last week's claims, truly has the best job in the world.

The bigger question is, how do you build a supercar with an original (but no less idiosyncratic) personality in the backyard of Ferrari and Lamborghini? Ask Horacio.


Video Credit: Drive