What if you didn't have to break the bank to own a brand new motorcycle? What if you could simply enjoy riding, free of too much power and too much weight? What if an ex-car designer was building and selling those exact motorcycles right now?

Leveraging the power of low-cost Chinese manufacturing (his engine cases are built in the same factory as Harley's) combined with his own designs for bespoke components and heavy quality control, Cleveland CycleWerks CEO Scott Colosimo is applying Apple's business model to motorcycles to bring high-quality, well-designed bikes to the US market. They aren't just any old motorcycle either, but stylish cafe racers and bobbers. These 50-state legal bikes promise to open up riding to a new generation with simplicity, ease-of-use and high value for money.

Here's me taking one for a ride and talking about it on the latest episode of RideApart.