The truckish rat rod started out as a California avocado-getter, but now it's packing a 400-hp Powerstroke diesel from a Ford F-350, producing 700 lb-ft of cranking force. It's also a horror flick waiting to happen. John Carpenter's Face Twister: Torque of Madness, perhaps.

The grasshopper-low truckrod is the creation of Mitch Allread, builder of this Lexus-powered 1968 Toyota Corona hot rod (from the dawn of the Jalopnik era). Unlike some custom shops, Allread fabricates everything (other than the basics) by hand. Former Bullrun TV show competitor Mike Musto profiled the truck and its builder for his new weekly DRIVE show Big Muscle.

But is it the "stripper with the cucumber and the bull whip"? You be the judge. Or the screenwriter.