Just about any other day of the year, you can find Chris Harris four-wheel drifting through some Bristolian roundabout in a 600-horsepower Caterham (at least that's how we picture him getting the mail.) Today, however, it's a 17-hp electric reject from the Century Village shuffleboard lot. Did we mention it's French?

Even with its zero emissions status, the two-seater, which takes six seconds to get from zero to 28 mph, isn't quite the answer to the world's transportation problems — though maybe Century Village's. But Chris does find some not entirely unfun bits about it. Still, if this represents the future of sensible transport, let's hope there's a road course offering track days (and Caterham lodging) nearby our retirement village.

But just to prove French automakers can build fun cars when pressed. In act two of this week's Chris Harris on Cars, the good Monk flogs a Renault Clio RS 200 — kind of the French Subaru WRX. Saperlipopette! That's more like it.