The 12 Hours of Sebring may be over, but here's a chance to wrap your racing-nerd head around the 3.7-mile Florida track. Want to get quick in a hurry? Watch this corner-by-corner geekfest on how the pros approach the course's 17 turns.

Guided by a lap recorded in-car with Platinum Class Porsche IMSA GT3 Cup Challenge driver Madison Snow, Shakedown's Leo Parente schools track rats on the racing lines, cornering speeds and other details that yield the quickest Sebring lap times. He also gets some help from 2012 Sebring co-winner Allan McNish and IndyCar's Dario Franchitti.

This one, part of Leo's "Shakedown University" series, is definitely aimed at track nerds, who will undoubtedly end up rewinding to better absorb the details. For more casual race fans and handicappers, getting a race-level tour will prove just as valuable, but for different reasons. For everyone else, just drink every time Leo says "apex."


"Now go get quick, you little bastards."