You know that high-def Discovery Channel showcase Sunrise Earth? You know, the picturesque morning program in which herds of caribou drink from a babbling brook and flocks of cranes take to the sky amidst a red-orange Nebraska solar burst? Imagine that, but with racecars.

The Sebring 12 hour has some of the greatest natural atmospherics of any racing event — stunning Florida sunrises over pit lane, shimmering heat trails rising from white-hot manifolds, the crimson glow of brake rotors after dark. That's the idea behind this no-commentary video by J.F. Musial of Drive.

And then there's the un-trammeled sound of racecars at full gallop. It's just like being there, except for the whole, doing whiskey shooters with craggy Floridians in a 30-year-old RV part. Not that there's anything wrong with that.