It's got a two-stage fueling system comprising rocket fuel and Spaceballs-grade liquid Schwartz. It's been widened by nine inches and lightened to achieve the power-to-weight ratio of a '70s-era Formula One car. It's also got a Group B-inspired twin-charging system that produces quadruple-digit horsepower. It just might be the world's fastest Lotus Exige.

The owner, an insane car nutbag named Frank — a former New York City cab driver. Franks hates turbo lag. His previous car, a 900-hp Ford RS200 Evolution, could get from zero to 60 in two seconds, so he was somewhat acquainted with the potential for Group B rally insanity translating into modified street cars. His Lotus Exige, which uses a compound turbo- and supercharger setup inspired by the old Lancia Delta S4, is faster than the RS200.

And thus, he and open-minded tuning whiz Mike Stafford of Stafford Performance in Lancaster, California devised the car's tuning setup, which if Matt Farah is to be believed, is truly a marvel, as well as a serious giggle machine.


And the legend of Group B supertuning continues. Long live it.