My own answer to that question has always been a big, steaming pile of yes. The Boxster's been great to drive since its inception, and Porsche's just kept improving it. But with a new round of upgrades, is it finally butch enough to win over non-roadster guys? Let's ask Chris Harris.

Chris wrung the latest Boxster out quite rightly indeed along the serpentine Route Napoleon in the South of France, and shot the proceedings for his YouTube show Chris Harris on Cars. He sets out questioning whether Porsche's latest improvements have made the Boxster something a larger segment of the male population would buy. He's got an answer for that. See if you agree.

And then there's the new electronic steering gear Porsche introduced in the new 911 — the bête noir du jour of journalists and Porschephiles alike? Does the new application of efficiency-enhancing electronics cancel out one of the previous Boxster's best traits — the much-beloved mechanical communication between steering wheel and road? He's got an answer for that too.


Either way, get your curling irons out, girls, this one's a keeper.