We've been following Dennis Palatov's quest to build his own track-day car since — what was it — the late '50s or something. Now, the Palatov D4 is done, and former Formula Atlantic racer Leo Parente just drove it. Both digitally and IRL.

Parente, who hosts the weekly motorsports show Shakedown on YouTube worked with the Palatov and Simraceway engineers on car setup during a recent test day at Infineon raceway. The test coincided with racing sim provider Simraceway's own shakedown of its digital version of the D4.

In the Infineon configuration, the $45,360 trackday D4 weighs just 900 pounds, while its GSXR 1000 motorcycle engine, mounted laterally from the driver, produces upward of 190 hp. That's a power-to-weight ratio of a pretty astounding 4.7-1 dry. With optional AWD, Palatov says the chassis can handle 400hp, the result of which we'd assume is absolute mayhem.


Oh, and stop calling it a go-kart. Considering the thing can approach Formula Atlantic lap times in the right hands, DP takes exception to that characterization.