It's the smartest of tuning strategies: Take a car with more chassis than engine — like the E92 BMW M3 — and add more engine. "Smart" and "tuning" don't always join in acts of automotive congress. But bully for us when they do.

Matt Farah recently tested such an M3, upfitted by California blower nerds VF Engineering. Farah had driven the company's widebody M3, which had more traction and less power than the 700-crank-hp version he canyon-tested here. This time, the VF/EAS M3 puts down 575 hp at the wheels.

Does all that power overrun the M3's substantially over engineered factory running gear? Well, we may not know for sure, since this M3's got the stiffening help of a roll cage and some suspension and brakes by European Auto Sport.


Anyway, never mind that. Just listen to the thing.