You'd think Rutledge Wood would have a chip on his shoulder, with all the crap he and his co-hosts get about Top Gear America. He doesn't. In fact, his family sends him links to all the horrible things people say about him and his co-hosts, and he just laughs. He's one funny, thick-skinned bastard with an awesome car "collection," as we found out in this first episode of Jalopnik TV.

Ray interviewed him for Jalopnik TV, our new, weekly (soon, anyway) YouTube video program on the DRIVE channel. Wood stopped by Classic Car Club Manhattan, where we set up a couple of cameras, pointed them on him and Ray, and parked a goddamn Delorean behind them both. Sounds like a good way to spend 20 minutes.

Did I mention Wood is one funny bastard? Seriously, he is. And he takes everything in stride, which is an admirable trait for someone who's been trolled just for his job. Also, he has a list of reasons why anyone who calls him a "hipster" doesn't know what they hell they're talking about.