If you hadn't noticed, some 2012 Formula One cars have strange, "stepped noses." It's as if some engineer accidentally put Owen Wilson into a wind tunnel, looked at the data and shouted, "Eureka!" Indeed, 2012 will be a strange-looking season for F1's return to the US.

Why so nose-weird? New FIA safety rules mandate the nose be lower in the extreme front to reduce side-impact penetration, and higher further back to retain downforce. Some teams have chosen a two-tired design, others an extreme downward slant.

Leo Parente, host of DRIVE motorsports show Shakedown gets the story behind the teams' new un-hotness. Differences in design among top teams like Red Bull, Ferrari and McLaren are striking, both in strategy and looks. Will Red Bull's strange front hood scoop mean another season of walking away from the competition? Will Ferrari's new front suspension give it the cornering speed it lacked in 2011? Is McLaren sandbagging with its smooth-slope version?


Don't tell us you don't care. We know at least some of you do.