The nearly three-decades-old Ford RS200's byzantine all-wheel-drive system is like the modern Nissan GT-R's, only in reverse. The Audi Sport Quattro had ABS and self-locking diffs when those things were still wizardry. Awesome, yes, but which one of these cars enjoys the most renown?

Chris Harris drove both of the homologation specials on this week's Chris Harris on Cars, nerding out as only a grown-up Group B kid could do it — with lots of technical minutia and sideways driving.

But which one's got the greater legend. Each was a technology tour-de-force, though neither one topped the podium to the same degree of some of their rivals. The RS200 was a raw prototype, while the Audi was a refined road car. Yet, both have major followings among the most prop-headed fans of rally.


Tough choice.