North Carolina Woman Crashes Into Store For One Case Of Beer

Kara Fitzgerald Overman of Burlington, NC, was arrested last Wednesday after she allegedly crashed her pickup truck into the front of the Deep Creek Convenience Store, grabbed a case of beer, and drove off.

The incident occurred at 1:42 AM on December 28th. Police say that the dark-colored pickup used in the unusual breaking and entering belonged to Overman, who was taken into custody about a mile away from the store. She faces three counts related to the incident.

In Britain, an act like this (smashing a car through a storefront, often a jewelry store, and looting the inventory) is called "ramraiding" and is common enough that they have a name for it. We're not sure what it's called in North Carolina, we just know that it's a lot less ambitious and a lot more batshit-stupid.


(Hat tip to McMike!)

Photo of Overman: Alamance County Sheriff's Office; Store Photo: wilhelmja