We've already told you about the launch of DRIVE, the new YouTube channel devoted to motoring. Now, DRIVE's gone live with its first produced show — a gorgeously-shot mini-documentary on the intense, chaotic 24 Hours of Nürburgring endurance race. If it wasn't on your motorsports bucket list before, it will be now.

The Nürburgring doc is as an anchor special for DRIVE's twice-weekly motorsports show, Shakedown, hosted by Leo Parente, an ex-racer who vows to take his Pesci-esque comportment to numerous racing events during 2012 and beyond.

You'll be seeing more about DRIVE, and how Jalopnik will be involved, soon. In the meantime, watch this and find out what the "blue lights" mean, how many different models of GT car exist these days, and how much beer spectators can drink in just three hours.