The BMW M3 CRT is a carbon-fiber wünderland

BMW's latest limited-edition M3 is mostly about weight savings achieved by substituting metal with carbon-fiber in several areas. Those areas include the hood and the seats. Oh, and there also a larger-displacement V8 to chaw on.

But the hood and the seats aren't the end of the weight-reductions. The muffler? Titanium. Sound-squelching foams and unguents? Well, less so. Lighter brakes and wheels? Check. Ok, that's it for the weight savings, which add up to about a hundred pounds (it's still 3483.3 lbs. curb).

Still, the chassis subframe's been stiffened, and it's been given more power — 450 hp total — from a 4.4-liter version of the M3's V8, connected to the usual Getrag seven-speed DCT (dual-clutch) box. It's also got individually adjustable coilovers to appease those tinkering track rats. And dig those crazy red accents over the Frozen Polar Silver metallic exterior.

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To be clear, like most such extremely limited-edition M's like the erstwhile BMW M3 GTS (only 67 of this one will be built), the CRT's not coming to the US. If it did, you'd be paying around $150K for it. You wouldn't do that for all the carbon-fiber in the world, would you?