Jason Bateman's BMW Wagon isn't a Volvo, is for sale

Is it worth pointing out someone's selling actor Jason Bateman's BMW 530xi wagon just so we can make countless Arrested Development jokes? Is Tobias Fünke an analrapist?

The base car is a 2007 BMW 530xi outfitted with a the sport package from the 550, meaning it has AWD and the 255 horsepower 3.0-liter inline-six. Why not just buy a 550xi wagon? Sadly, like Michael and Maggie's baby, BMW never made one.

It's currently listing for $34,991. I would comment on that being a bit steep, but my attorney Bob Loblaw said on the Bob Loblaw Law Blog that I shouldn't prejudice people against a sale on my blog.


Hey, It beats the hell out of a stair car. COME ON!