Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4: First Look

Here's the first live shots of the new raging bull - the Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4. To coincide with the first person-to-supercar shot, we've created this first look - everything you need to know. And yes, here's the first shot of its scissor doors. More »

Geneva Motor Show RoundupToyota FT-86 II upskirt in Geneva

The day before a major auto show, the guys setting up the displays own the show floor, although as a group, camera-toting media earlybirds comprise a close second. Here's the already-teased Toyota FT-86 II under its sheet. How's your imagination? More »

Geneva Motor Show RoundupThe VW Bulli Concept is the new Microbus

As previously reported, the VW Microbus Concept is returning, though this time called the VW Bulli. The new concept rolled out in Geneva, looking similar to the original Microbus Concept from 2001, but a bit smaller. More »

Geneva Motor Show RoundupAstroBionix Thor, for when one planet isn't enough

Austrian firm AstroBionix was still putting the decals on its Thor Ultimate Deployment Vehicle, a 600-hp, all-wheel-drive rig built by Italian coachbuilder Fornasari, when we snapped this pic from the Geneva show floor. More »

Geneva Motor Show RoundupFord Ranger Wildtrak protects your thorax

Ford Ranger Wildtrak protects your thorax The press release say the all-new Ford Ranger Wildtrak has thorax-protecting front-seat side airbags. (We've provided a diagram if you don't know what that means, or if you happen to have an exoskeleton.) More »


Geneva Motor Show RoundupI am the Ferrari FF's powertrain and suspension

There's very little we know about the Ferrari FF's new 4RM (four-wheel drive) system and magnetorheological damping system, and how they all work together with its stallion-sized 6.3-liter V12 powertrain. More »

Geneva Motor Show RoundupFord B-Max: A pillar-less Fiesta van for tiny people

It's not quite Subaru Sambar-sized, but Ford's B-Max concept from Geneva suggests just how small a modern car can get and still get called a van. The trick here? More »

Geneva Motor Show RoundupThis is the retro awesome Morgan 3 Wheeler

Morgan recently announced it was bringing the asymmetry back with the re-introduction of their steam punk throwback Morgan 3 wheeler. Here it is in Geneva, done up like a sexy Spitfire. More »

Geneva Motor Show RoundupMansory Cormeum is like a Mercedes SLS, only weirder

Kourosh Mansory is insane - for weight savings! There's no other explanation for his carbon-fiber makeover of the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, called the Mansory Cormeum. More »

Geneva Motor Show RoundupThis is the Subieyota; is it AWD?

Here's the first shots AutoGuide took of a semi-translucent FT-86-based Subieyota coupe — which we've been told repeatedly is the "Rear-Wheel Drive Sports Car Technology Concept." It's not stopping some from saying it's All-Wheel-Drive. It's not. But here's why some think it is. More »

Geneva Motor Show RoundupMini Rocketman: A Mini that's actually mini

To appreciate the new Mini Rocketman concept you'll need to look past some of the goofier concept elements like the dual-hinged doors, the trackball on the steering wheel, the projection taillights, and the fiber-optic union jack in the roof (on second thought, that's kind of cool). More »

Geneva Motor Show RoundupThis is the new "Baby Jag"

Jaguar's current lineup features three models, all sexy but none of them exactly entry-level. Bertone's B99 concept previews a new entry-level sedan - a "Baby Jag" - and a design language with classic British proportions. More »

Geneva Motor Show Roundup
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Geneva Motor Show Roundup
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Geneva Motor Show Roundup
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